Final Summary Post







Through this module, I have realized that I manage my online identity by having sites I use professionally and then personally.  The only social media site I use purely personally is Facebook, which is why I haven’t included a link to that. The other sites all serve some sort of professional purpose whether that is to network and show my professional history like LinkedIn or to show my skills (YouTube, WordPress) and interests (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest). This module and the discussions surrounding the various topics have shown me that ‘professional’ profiles can mean more than one thing and that showing your interests as well as that you understand how to be professional online is very valuable.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 17.14.55.png

I used the service Reppler to check through my social media accounts and check that everything was professional such as having no swearwords (, this includes Facebook. This was another change in my online activities since the start of this module because I now understand that it is necessary to separate use from appearance. By this I mean even though I use Facebook for personal activities it is still important that everything online about me appears professional and has nothing which would damage my reputation on it. I want to continue to work on and improve how I use social media and my online activities. Firstly, I want to use Twitter more professionally by sharing relevant content and using it to network. Secondly, I want to continue to build up my LinkedIn profile and make connections. Finally, I want to sort out a professional-looking photo to use on all my social media accounts.

This module has shown me that engaging with other users online for working and learning leads to understanding and development of new ideas that would not have come about had I not engaged in this way. The benefits of collaborative learning with other users is something I will continue to do and build upon this in the future, especially through use of forums and blogs. In addition to this, the range of perspectives that came about as a result of the range of subjects studied by all the students on the module helped add to and at times change my perspectives on subjects such as online identity. This added value of interdisciplinary work is something which I will continue to look for opportunities to utilize in the future especially in a professional context by looking to engage with people from different areas and with different backgrounds.

Discussions with other students on my own posts caused me to reflect upon and be critical of my own perspectives on subjects such as the ethical issues of social media. This is a highly valuable skill and something which will greatly benefit me in the future, in order to continue to do this I need to engage with others professionally and personally who have conflicting views. Finally, my ability to create online media content has massively improved since the beginning of the module. I had very little experience creating videos and I learnt a lot about this by creating Powtoons for my posts, a tool which I had never used before but will continue to use in the future, and sharing these on YouTube.



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