First post – background

Why did you choose the module?

This module was compulsory for my course, but it is very relevant and overlaps in content in a lot of ways to modules I have taken before. The idea of online learning is interesting, needing to be self motivated and go and do the research on the topics is good because that is something I enjoy doing and something which I think can be really important as part of the process of learning to be critical and reflective of what you read and to not just take everything you read as truth. I also think that it will be good to have the opportunity to collaborate and work with other students but in a less direct way that involves discussion and communication about concepts and ideas, and to share readings and research.

What in particular do you want to learn from the module?

I want to learn more about being critical of what I read and thoughtful about bringing concepts and ideas together. I also want to learn about managing an online identity through interaction with others as part of a community. I also think that it will be great to start a blog and become familiar with this medium and to maintain and update this regularly but with structure and purpose.

Have you studied online before?

I have used MOOC’s a few times before, both independently and more directly as part of the teaching of a module. I have also had to build and maintain an online identity as part of a digital marketing module. I am familiar with managing my own identity online in some respects, through social media (Twitter and LinkedIn especially) but also through the building and maintaining of a personal website and portfolio. However, I have not had experience of quite this sort of online learning, with the balance/mix of independent study and research and then collaboration, communication and interaction with and from others.

Familiar Areas

  • Accessing, managing and evaluating online information
  • Collaborating with others on shared projects
  • Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)

Newer Areas

  • Participating in online communities
  • Building online networks around an area of interest
  • Managing your online identity
  • Managing your online privacy and security

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